Get married in Somerset!

Are you and your partner looking for wedding venues in Somerset? Forget the stress and effort of organising the wedding yourself when you get married in Somerset! With years of experience in the industry, our team have organised many weddings over the years.

Why get married at Hornsbury Mill Get married in Somerset!

It is tough deciding where to get married especially with the huge variety of Somerset wedding venues. To make your decision easier, we have listed reasons why you need to get married at Hornsbury Mill’s wedding venue in Somerset.

Beautiful Somerset location

Our wedding venue in Somerset is located close to the town of Chard. With beautiful gardens and stunning views throughout our property, you will be hard pressed to find a venue as beautiful. Our scenic location will add a touch of magic to your wedding photos.

Licenced to Marry

Do you find the idea of getting married in a registry office unappealing?  If you want a beautiful wedding ceremony in Somerset, then we suggest you get married at Hornsbury Mill. Why you ask? We hold a wedding licence so that lucky couples can get married at our stunning venue.

A room for all weddings

At Hornsbury Mill, we have a selection of rooms to suit every wedding party. If you are looking to get married in Somerset, look no further than Hornsbury Mill. We have the following rooms available:

  • Coachroom: Perfect for small parties up to 30
  • Lakeside Suite: Our largest room which holds up to 200
  • Wheelroom: An intimate room that holds up to 40 guests


Weddings are stressful but to take the pressure off you and your partner, we have a team of expert wedding planners at Hornsbury Mill. Our team of wedding planners have many years of experience in planning weddings of all sizes at our beautiful Somerset wedding venue.

With one point of contact throughout the whole period, your wedding planner will cover every little detail to ensure that your dream wedding becomes a reality. We will arrange details like photography, decoration, film, entertainment and many more.

4 Star Accommodation

Once the wedding ceremony is over, it will be time to party with your family and friends. You will not have to travel far but after the proceedings have ended, you will not want to go far to retire for the night with your partner. We have ten luxurious ensuite rooms at Hornsbury Mill including a Bridal Suite.

What to expect

By getting married at Hornsbury Mill, you and your partner can expect the following from Hornsbury Mill:

  • 4 star rated accommodation
  • A great service
  • A wedding to remember
  • Special offers for weddings

Contact us

If you want to get married in Somerset, please call Hornsbury Mill today on 01460 63317 or email